We are a contemporary wedding photo duo living in San Francisco and working in the world at large, inspired by romance, intention, & honesty.

She is a photo stylist, SF lifestyle blogger of some note, master of fabric, detail, color, and the ecstatic close-up.

He is a commercial photographer, studied in Paris, lives and dies at magic hour.

You are not interested in matching bridesmaid gowns or having your grandmother’s wedding.  You are gathering a small group of friends and riding a vespa to the courthouse.  You are hanging carnival lights in the backyard.  You are making promises to each other in the park, you are pushing aside the living room chairs to make a dance floor.  You are making your own rituals. You are at the forefront of the marriage evolution from traditions and clichés to unique, memorable and individual rituals for each partnership, and we couldn’t be more excited to both watch and be a part of this transformation, creating a body of work that documents every kind of wedding from all walks of life. Let us bring our cameras to your new adventure.

MB Maher & JM Mericle